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It is our great pleasure to introduce you to the European Federation of Professionists of Pedagogists (FEPP), delivered up officially on the 22nd May 2009, with legal seat in Rome and operating centre in Barcelona.


The idea to join the European Pedagogists in a Federation came in 2005 as a result of one understanding underwriting between the Associazione Nazionale dei Pedagogisti Italiani (ANPE) and the Col·legi de Pedagogs de Catalunya (COPEC). In March 2006 a protocol of understanding among the following associations was underwritten in Barcelona: COPEC (Catalogna); ANPE (Italy); Col-legi Oficial de Pedagogia I Psicopedagogia de les Illes Balears (COPPIB); SOCIEDADE PORTUGUESA DE CIÊNCIAS FROM EDUCAÇÃO (Portugal) this last one was replaced subsequently from Associação Nacional dos Licenciadas em Ciĕncias da Educação (ANALCE). On the 30th of June 2007 the Constituent Assembly composed by COPEC, ANPE, COPPIB and ANALCE gathered in Barcelona near the centre of COPEC to approve the first rough draft of charter and the organization of the future FEPP, deciding to adopt the profile of the pedagogist already written up by COPEC and ANPE. Currently also Comunidad Valensiana of educators joined the Federation.


The Federation was started as a consequence of the needs that are common to pedagogists in European countries such as: the concern for the functions and the aspects regarding the pedagogy in Europe; the process of convergence and homologation of academicals titles and free circulation after the Council of Bologna; the contribution that professionals of the Pedagogy can give; the difficulty for pedagogists to become part of decisional and consultation organisms which have education as their objective; the necessity to upgrade the pedagogical dimension that looks up at Europe as a factor of socio-educational encounter.


Among the objectives of the Federation we can enlist:

  • representing the general interests of the professionals in pedagogy;
  • favouring, maintaining and strengthening the solidarity and the communication between all the pedagogists of the States of the European Union;
  • ensuring the professional activities to be in conformity with the interests of citizens all over the European Union;
  • defending the dignity, freedom and the interests of the profession of pedagogist, ensuring the proper exercise of the profession;
  • promoting and conducting studies and research;
  • improving and enhancing mutual understanding and exchange of professional experiences in order to develop and spread theories, strategies, work, etc.


According to FEPP the pedagogist is the specialist of education and training, and can work in education, training, organizations, social, health, prison and may also perform professional services. He works also in public administrations, public and private services with functions and tasks of scientific and technical advice, coordination, direction, monitoring and supervision.

The competence of the pedagogist is oriented to the quality of provision and it consists of managing in an autonomous manner his own knowledge which means: constant revision of information in relation to new situations, confrontation with a working reality which calls for the acquisition of new knowledge, confrontation with a working reality that is configured as the implementation of socio-cognitive resources governing action and decision.

FEPP is open to all associations and colleges composed by graduated pedagogists in Pedagogy or Education’s Science, as well as individual pedagogists of European Union countries, where there are no associations or colleges who work for their establishment.

We would be grateful to establish some cooperation with your association and above all be able to welcome you among our members and discuss with you the way in which the figure of the pedagogist is considered and operates in your country.

Hoping to receive your courteous reply we are available to any further information you may want to ask Yours sincerely.


Fédération Européenne des Professionnels de la Pédagogie

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